Ashfield Capital Partners, LLC is a San Francisco-based investment manager offering a range of equity, balanced, and comprehensive wealth management solutions to institutions and individual investors. As an employee owned firm, we are driven by our entrepreneurial culture, yet grounded in our commitment towards a true partnership between our employees and the clients we advise. Our clients benefit from the firm's three key attributes:

  • A well-defined investment philosophy, which provides the framework for a disciplined and repeatable investment process, while continuously enhancing our intellectual capital.
  • Our uncompromising commitment to careful portfolio construction and risk management.
  • The breadth and depth of experience of our investment professionals, combined with a collaborative environment, enables a 360° flow of valuable information and ideas.

At Ashfield Capital Partners our mission is to help investors build wealth over time, through a process that is consistent and understandable.


We create and manage investment strategies based on a clearly defined set of enduring principles. We also provide clients extensive access to the people best qualified to answer their questions and expand their knowledge and understanding of our process: our highly experienced portfolio managers and administrators. We apply our time-tested investment philosophy and process to our investment strategies as well as to our private wealth management advisory services.

Institutional Investment Management

Ashfield Capital Partners manages investment portfolios on behalf of corporate retirement plans, public funds, multi-employer pension plans, endowments, foundations and other tax-exempt institutions.

Private Wealth Management

Our Private Wealth Management practice is a distinct group within Ashfield Capital Partners LLC directly serving clients who meet our investment minimum. We create customized investment portfolios directly suited to your unique circumstances.