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December 8, 2020 | Learn About Two New Alternative Strategies

Ashfield’s research is focused on strong, sustainable long-term investments, in both public and private markets. The core to our investment approach is growth-oriented public companies, but we also look for compelling opportunities in private markets as well.  Every so often we will release an update with a new alternative investment or fund vintage. As we near the close of the year, Ashfield is in a unique position to introduce our clients to two new strategies in our research pipeline. We also thought it would be a good time to revisit our thesis on different types of investments and why we believe they may make sense inside of a custom portfolio.

Our research and experience spans across a range of alternative strategies. We welcome a discussion on which strategies may be suitable for your portfolio and the investment funds available in each category.

1. Private Credit – Senior Secured Loans Made in the Private Markets. Purpose: Increasing portfolio yield without meaningfully altering the risk profile. This asset class should provide equity-like returns, largely in the form of cash flow, with low correlations to both traditional equity and fixed income. Given our very modest expectations for returns in fixed income going forward, these investments should have the ability to generate superior returns with a similar risk profile to the liquid credit markets.

2. Hedge Funds – Absolute Return. Purpose: Producing equity-like returns with a Treasury-like volatility profile that does not correlate to either the equity or fixed income markets. While there are many hedge fund varieties, we seek investments that are designed to deliver consistent results in any market environment.

3. Private Real Estate – Private Equity into Multi-Family / Industrial / Commercial Assets. Purpose: Generate excess return to the equity markets in a potentially tax-efficient manner, with a meaningful cash flow component, without dramatically increasing portfolio risk. We have many real estate choices – some are more economically resilient in nature (manufactured housing, rent-controlled housing) and we avoid taking development risk.

4. Private Equity – Venture / Growth / Buyout. Purpose: Generate meaningful excess return to the equity market while accepting excess risk. This offers the client the opportunity to invest in innovative companies with significant growth potential not accessible to the public markets.

Private funds are not suitable for every client. They require a tolerance for risk, and we hold a high bar for investments where clients’ money is locked-up for ten years or more.  Ashfield has always believed deeply in the value of stock investing and it has served us well; when we recommend a deviation from that, it is with intention and purpose. These investments must do something for a portfolio that cannot be achieved using equities and fixed income.

We have two new funds under review. Our research is ongoing and we will have more information in the coming weeks. But for clients where these investments may be suitable, Ashfield can provide more details and offering materials.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss our platform and determine if there are opportunities for you to take advantage.


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