Ashfield’s investment process has generated above-benchmark returns, since inception. This success has been driven by experience, discipline and a long-term focus.


Our investments are defined by our philosophy, developed over decades of experience.

Investors who embrace a disciplined, long-term investment process to invest across market cycles, rather than trading based on market trends and new headlines can attain more consistent investment returns over time, leading to better performance
We help you understand how much risk you need, how much downside you can afford and how much risk is appropriate in your portfolio. Then we construct your portfolio to optimize return for the right level of risk.
We often meet with families who have no idea how they are invested, what they own, or where their money is. The result is often excessive fees, inappropriate returns for the risk and a risk level that does not match the clients objectives. One should never be surprised by their investment holdings.
Liquidity constraints should factor into each investment decision. If you are going to sacrifice liquidity, you need to be paid for it .
Emotional and cognitive biases can often cloud an investor’s decision making. We remove biases and instead rely on objective data, resulting in undiscovered investment opportunities and avoidance of inappropriate risk.


For clients looking for complete asset management, we construct, implement, and oversee all aspects of their portfolio. Ashfield takes a long-term approach to investing, focused on management of risk and the importance of growth. Our perspective allows for both steady appreciation and needed liquidity to help ensure financial security and peace of mind.

Your Values &
Your Investments

More than ever, investors are looking beyond the traditional measure of returns and are also considering the social and environmental impact of their investments. We help families align their values with their investments, helping them create the change they wish to see.

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