Our Private Wealth Management practice is a distinct group within Ashfield advising individual clients who meet our investment minimum. We create customized investment portfolios directly suited to your unique circumstances and focused on after tax returns, as we have since our company’s inception. We manage your investments so that you spend more time with family, on favorite causes, or focused on your career. We serve as your trusted guide in all matters financial, allowing you peace of mind and a feeling of control in an increasingly complex world.

What is Wealth Management?

  • We follow a rigorous and comprehensive financial planning process to learn a great deal about your financial circumstances (family balance sheet, income statement, and cash flows)before developing an investment strategy that is right for you
  • Our investment team researches the best available opportunities in global stocks, bonds, and alternative assets where appropriate, with emphasis on after-tax returns and long term wealth accumulation
  • We focus on preserving and growing your legacy by addressing wealth transfer to heirs and charities, plus wealth protection through estate planning and adequate insurance, working with your existing team of financial professionals or helping you to build one
  • Frequently we are investing for multiple accounts within a family group, making us familiar with inter-generational dynamics, competing priorities, and varied account types

Ashfield PWM Advantage

8 Market Cycles of Experience

  • 40 years of building our business on integrity and trust
  • Prudent decisions no matter the market condition
  • Constant core team managing your affairs for many years

Comprehensive Custom Portfolios

  • Focus on capital preservation and income needs
  • No "off-the-shelf" portfolios
  • Portfolios managed based on life circumstances, not benchmarks
  • We earn no commissions, fee only advisory with fiduciary responsibility

Direct Contact with Portfolio Manager

  • No relationship manager intermediary - direct accountability
  • Single point of contact is your Portfolio Manager, supported by a client service team
  • Portfolio Manager personally understands your unique circumstances when investing

Multi-Generational Approach

  • Multi-generational professional staff serving multi-generational clients
  • We help you preserve and develop your legacy
  • Our 4th generation clients demonstrate successful, continuous family relationships

Value-Added Services

  • Single point of contact for your existing professional team - less work for you
  • No problem we can’t solve through our deep professional network (CPA, attorney, insurance, lenders, etc.)
  • Advise on outside investments and life management

Portfolio Process

Monitor and Supervise
Discuss and Analyze Your Position
  • Risk appetite
  • Income requirements
  • Goals/objectives
  • Current investment assets
  • Capital gains tax consequences
  • Other assets (real estate, private investments, etc.)
Portfolio management begins with understanding the "whole picture"
Formulate Asset Allocation Strategy
  • Establish investment strategy to maximize risk-adjusted returns given client objectives, risk tolerance, etc.
  • Determine optimal allocation across asset classes, geography, sector, etc.
Broad diversification delivers optimal risk-adjusted returns
Design and Implement Your Portfolio
  • Employ Ashfield research in selecting securities
  • Value-added institutional equity research
  • Portfolio-specific security selection
  • Fund due diligence
Clients benefit from our integrated, systematic research process