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Since 1973, Ashfield has helped families make the critical decisions that often define their financial lives for decades into the future.

From the beginning, Ashfield has built a platform of comprehensive investment management solutions for corporate retirement plans, public funds, multi-employer pension plans, endowments, foundations, mutual funds, separately managed account/wrap programs and individual investors. Ashfield Capital Partners is an employee-owned firm including all members of the firm’s management team, all senior investment professionals, as well as the majority of the firm’s staff. We believe that employee ownership fosters a collaborative culture, encourages employee participation in the business and strengthens the firm’s entrepreneurial culture, while attracting and retaining key professionals across the organization.

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Meet Our team

Our Team

We work with entrepreneurs, successful professionals, wealth inheritors, wealth creators, matriarchs and patriarchs. In other words, we work with people like you who experience real-life challenges affecting their day-to-day life. To help them navigate change, our team of caring, bright individuals is available nearly any time, any place to assist.

Meet our team

Tangible differences and integrated services define our firm and our
work with you.

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Employee Owned since 1973

Our staff is in it for the long haul, and the solutions we provide our clients are long term.

Meet The Team


Ashfield’s team has more than 130 years of combined investment experience, through multiple market cycles, financial downturns, and excess valuations. Our investment philosophy has held true through it all, and we’ve generated above-benchmark returns since inception.

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A comprehensive approach to financial services means we work closely with our clients’ CPAs, tax attorneys, insurance providers, estate attorneys, lenders, and more to simplify and coordinate the financial planning and investment management process.

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Our clients know exactly what they own, how much they are paying in fees and where they stand in relation to their objectives at all times.

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With three generations represented in our management team, the advice we provide is for the challenges you face today, and your children’s challenges in the future. To help preserve the wealth you’ve built, every decision is viewed through the lens of tax efficiency.