Yahoo Finance Announces Alison Bowe Diessner as Ashfield’s New Partner and Portfolio Manager

February 4, 2020 | Alison Bowe Diessner in Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance recently announced that Alison Bowe Diessner has joined Ashfield Capital Partners as the firm’s new partner and portfolio manager. Alison brings more than twenty years of wealth management and investment experience to the firm.

Before joining Ashfield, Alison served as a principal for Hall Capital Partners. In that position, she focused on developing both institutional and family relationships for almost seven years. In her new position, Alison will provide comprehensive wealth advice across a broad spectrum of wealth disciplines, including evaluating investments, building portfolios, and estate and tax planning.

“Alison’s partnership strengthens our firm’s advisory capabilities. We are proud to celebrate over 45 years of serving long-standing and trusted clients, and Alison will be instrumental as we build upon our history and serve future generations of Ashfield clients,” says Peter Johnson, Ashfield’s chief executive.

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About Ashfield Capital Partners

Ashfield Capital Partners is a San Francisco-based wealth management firm established in 1973. Since its founding, the firm has provided customized portfolio management and wealth planning to some of the country’s most successful families. Services include holistic wealth advice on investment management, estate and tax planning, direct investing, risk management and financial administrative support. Ashfield is considered one of the Bay Area’s top wealth management firms and has recently been featured in financial media including the San Francisco Business Times’ Top Bay Area Wealth Management FirmsForbes and US News and World Report.